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Export/Commodity Trade Finance

Export/Commodity Trade Finance Solvo Group provides assistance in financing for producers of commodities and companies involved in export/import. The basic condition of all Commodity Finance arrangements is a closed end, self-liquidating commercial commodity transaction with emerging market producers. A typical transaction involves pre-production and pre-export financing, loans to traders, financing advance payments, direct loans and financing of sales to emerging market producers, loans to producers for purchasing / converting raw materials.

Project Finance

Solvo Group provides assistance with structuring of limited or nonrecourse Project Financing. We approach complex and challenging issues of Project Financing through innovative ideas, utilization of skilled professionals, extensive knowledge of local market, and access to capital.

Structured Finance

Solvo Group provides assistance with innovative and multi-faceted structured financing solutions by utilizing various financial products and mechanisms. We can develop a tailor-made solution for financing of capital goods with the involvement of various ExportCredit Agencies and other associated financial products on classic, structured and multisourcing basis. A wide range of transactions are suitable for export credit finance from supply of capital plant / machinery through to the construction of projects on a turn key basis. A typical transaction involves a financing based on the credit risk of the end-user or acceptable guarantor.

Documentary Business

Solvo Group provides assistance with utilization of financial trade instruments such as bank guarantees, simple letters of credit, as well as transferable and back-to-back letters of credit. In this field we work with top banks mainly in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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