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Our focus will always remain the success of your business no matter what industry or sector you are in.

Industrial Property and Machinery Breakdown

Just as home-owners insurance protects a home-owner from the full cost of repairing unforeseen damage to this house, a comprehensive property and machinery breakdown insurance protects businesses against loss of or damage to their machinery, buildings and contents.

We, at Solvo Group, have gained extensive property expertise in all businesses in which our clients operate. By identifying, understanding and analyzing your exposures, we can help you to obtain the results to meet your risk management goals. Our property experts can provide you with professional risk management advice and comprehensive claims management services supported by the preparation of regular loss runs and retention analyses. Furthermore we integrate our core capabilities by exploring, marketing and researching the most beneficial insurance terms.

This strategy helps with the overall consistency of our risk management approach and ensures that your property program is well-structured and your assets are optimally protected.

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