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Cargo Insurance

How should you deal with and protect your project from the risk of financial losses resulting from the loss or damage to the materials or goods while being enroute to or stored at the project site, including consequential financial losses caused by delays in the project's start up?

Common problems that can disrupt or endanger project cargoes include adverse weather, hardware breakdowns, inadequate controls, lack of planning, inexperienced crews and poor quality loss control surveying.

The Solvo Group's proactive approach selects an adequate scope of coverage which includes the physical loss or damage to items and also covers expenses, increased charges (e.g. rents or loan payments) and loss of profits following damage to or non-delivery of equipment.

We combine this cover with the use of experienced insurers who offer user-friendly project cargo guidelines, professional loss control and survey management as well as high policy limits. This all helps to significantly reduce avoidable losses for you.

Despite the best precautionary measures, a marine loss can nevertheless still occur. In such event, we will be there to manage the incident to minimize the loss through professional claims management and subsequently seek a prompt claim settlement.

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